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Business Success University: Building Wealth for Generations - Monthly

For entrepreneurs who want to do business God’s way, join me in building the new economy by starting and growing profitable businesses that will generate wealth for generations. Business Success University is a 12-month journey to recalibrate and grow our businesses through wisdom and direction from God. We will receive supernatural strategies for success through weekly business lessons every Monday with an assignment that will unlock the power to produce wealth according to Deuteronomy 8:18.

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Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to do business in alignment with God? Join me on a transformative 12-month journey in Business Success University, where we embark on a mission to shape the new economy by establishing, nurturing, and executing profitable enterprises that are destined to create lasting wealth for generations to come.

Business Success University is not just a course; it's a spiritual and practical blueprint for entrepreneurs seeking to thrive while staying rooted in faith. Through this immersive experience, you will discover the intersection of business acumen and divine wisdom, equipping yourself with the tools and insights to prosper ethically, sustainably, and abundantly.

Our curriculum is guided by the timeless wisdom of Deuteronomy 8:18, which reminds us that it is God who gives us the power to produce wealth. Each week, you will partake in soul-enriching business lessons delivered every Monday. These lessons will not only impart you with invaluable knowledge but also provide a sacred assignment designed to unlock the supernatural strategies for success that God has in store for you.

Course Highlights:

- Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Explore the nexus between faith and business, learning how to align your entrepreneurial journey with divine principles.

- Wealth Building: Gain insights into creating profitable businesses that transcend generations, ensuring a legacy of prosperity.

- Divine Guidance: Discover how to seek and receive divine direction in your business decisions, leading to sustainable growth and success.

- Weekly Lessons: Engage in transformative weekly lessons delivered on Mondays, empowering you with practical knowledge and spiritual insights.

- Sacred Assignments: Unlock the power of Deuteronomy 8:18 through purposeful assignments that activate supernatural strategies for business success.

- Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs: Connect with a network of fellow entrepreneurs who share your vision of God-centered business practices.

At Business Success University, we believe that success in business can be a sacred endeavor. Join us in reshaping the future of entrepreneurship and embark on a journey to build businesses that not only thrive but also reflect God's wisdom and blessings. Are you ready to step into a realm of divine entrepreneurship and create wealth that endures through the ages? Enroll now and start building your legacy today! You can enroll by sowing a seed of $818 one-time and receive a personalized divine blueprint for your business, or for $68/month which will start a fund of interest-free capital to grow our businesses.

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Business Success University: Building Wealth for Generations - Monthly

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